Welcome to our 2015 NASCAR Fantasy Challenge

2014 was very exciting with several members vying for the overall lead throughout the season. It was a close race right to the end and we are looking forward to this year's Fantasy Challenge being the same. We know that many of our Members and Merchants are NASCAR fans so let's get involved and see if you can win. It's easy to participate and we'll have prizes for monthly point earners as well as a trophy and prize for overall season points winners.

3nd Annual RideHardandPray.com NASCAR Fantasy Challenge

Enter our Sprint Cup Challenge

Wall of Fame - Previous Winners

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Will you be the next RideHardandPray.com NASCAR Fantasy Challenge Winner?

Although this is all for fun, and participating is quite simple, there are some basic rules so that everyone understands how the fantasy challenge works.

General Rules:

  • Participants must be a registered Member or Merchant.
  • Participants must accept prizes as offered. There will be no substitutions. Prizes may include gift cards, merchant coupons, or merchandise. Final winners will be awarded winner's prize as well as a trophy commemorating their achievement.
  • Prizes will be awarded to winning participant that has gained the most points for each prize period as shown below:
    • Sprint Cup Challenge
      • Most Points Awarded: Feb-Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
      • Most Points Awarded Overall: Entire Season Feb-Nov

Fantasy Challenge Rules:

  • We are currently running a Fantasy Challenge for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.
  • Participants select from list of drivers based on 2013 season which are adjusted as needed as the season goes on.
  • Unlike last season, we have two different deadlines for Predictions:
    • Predictions for Pole Position winner must be in by 3pm Eastern 3 days before race day
    • Predictions for top 3 finish positions and Most Laps Led must be in by 12noon Eastern 1 day before race day
  • Participants must predict the following:
    • Driver that has the Most Laps Led in the race
    • Driver that earns the Pole Position
    • Drivers that will finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • Points are awarded for correct predictions:
    • Most Laps Led - 8 points
    • Pole Position - 5 points
    • Driver finishes in same finish position as predicted - 10 points
  • Bonus points are awarded for the following:
    • Driver finishes 1 position off - 5 points
    • Driver finishes 2 positions off - 4 points
    • Driver finishes 2 positions off - 3 points
    • Driver finishes 2 positions off - 2 points
    • Driver finishes 2 positions off - 1 points
    • All positions predicted correctly (1st, 2nd and 3rd) - 20 points
    • 2 out of 3 positions predicted correctly - 10 points

Disclaimer: Logos are registered trademarks of NASCAR. The images are used for illustration purposes only and in no way implies directly, or indirectly, an affiliation between NASCAR and RideHardandPray.com.